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Pacific Bridge
Contemporary Southeast Asian Art

MR. NGUYEN The exhibition of new works by Hanoi artists Nguyen Minh Thanh, Nguyen Quang Huy and Nguyen Van Cuong is the first time these three dynamic artists have exhibited together in the USA. The trio, well known for their stunning contemporary works on hand made "do" (mulberry) paper, have produced the works in this exhibition while in residence at Pacific Bridge during October 2000.

The Spirit that Dwells Within Carlos Villa and Santiago Bose, two of the most well known and influential Filipino artists working today, have been brought together for the first time to hold a two-man exhibition and lead a collaborative workshop at Pacific Bridge Contemporary Southeast Asian Art.

A Joyful Time Current works by Chinese artist Zhang Xiaotao. "Joyful Time" employs "Pop Art" repetitions of couplings from the Chinese Pillow book theatrically juxtaposed in layers to painted images of man and beasts—frogs, reptiles, fish—then overlaid with blobs of color suggesting bodily fluids or the primordial ooze. His point in this weird combination is to call out to the similarities of life for man and beast, downplaying the vast differences we see most often.

89 Portraits of Vietnam Zippos The artwork of Bradford Edwards, who is displaying a large series of multi-media portraits of Zippo lighters that were etched with images and sayings by soldiers during the Vietnam War. A broad range of techniques and materials were used in constructing the work (lacquer on wood, mother-of-pearl shell and silver leaf on wood, stone carvings, metal etchings, graphite drawings and photo-based pieces).

D O M A I N Current works by Birgit Gehrt and Anne Maria Hardeman. The second exhibition in our Vicinity Project series focusing on local artists.

HANDS ON: Cuba Vietnam California: An interactive exhibition of collaborative claywork by Sonoma County artist Joel Bennett, Idilio Lopez Arnaud from Cuba, and Do Quoc Vi from Vietnam.

HO CHI MINH: March 18th - April 22nd American artist C. David Thomas brings us face to face with Ho Chi Minh in an installation of forty Ho Chi Minh portraits and his new artist's book "An Artist's Portrait of Ho Chi Minh" with text by Charles Fenn.

RIEN CAR NATION: November 13th - January 29th. An exhibition of recent works by Hanoi artists Vu Dan Tan & Le Hong Thai, including the reincarnation of a 1961 Cadillac.

Pancaroba Indonesia: The Time of Dramatic Transition Between the Seasons: August 27th - October 30th 1999. An exhibition of new works by seven Indonesian artists reflecting the current political and social transformations in Indonesia. Pancaroba Indonesia features works from the time of the Indonesian monetary crisis, through the student demonstrations and farmers' protests, to Suharto's resignation and culminating with the first free elections in a generation. The works capture the thoughts, feelings and aspirations of a nation through the eyes of its most passionate artists.

Cries, Whispers & Remembrances: July 15th - August 14th 1999 Exhibition of recent works on silk, paper and canvas by Vietnamese artists Nguyen Cam and Phan Cam Thuong, and Finnish artist Maritta Nurmi. Cries of outrage lifting the whispery veils of illusion and remembrances of a time past form the universal language of these three diverse artists possessed by the enigmatic spirit of Vietnam. These three artists, seeking their own individual paths, have found a commonality in their respect for Vietnamese history, tradition and ritual.

Si Si Kwa Si Si: July 3rd- 13th 1999. Exhibition by Keba Konte and Githinji Mbire is part of The Vicinity Project, a program of Pacific Bridge Contemporary Southeast Asian Art to showcase local artists whose life and work inform us about our community and the people who create it.

Made in USA: June 5th - July 2nd 1999 Exhibition of abstract oil paintings and sculpture by three Californian Vietnamese Americans; Vi Ly, Kai Hoang and Thai Bui. Although these three artists currently live in California they come from different regions in Vietnam, and are of different generations. Despite these differences their works share a fascination with the natural environment.

New Stories from an Old Chapter: April - May 1999 Exhibition of contemporary art works by six renowned Filipino artists: Elmer Borlongan, Santiago Bose, Brenda Fajardo, Karen Flores, Mark Justiniani and Pacific Bridge artist in residence Noel Soler Cuizon. The exhibition includes works on paper by Brenda Fajardo, works on canvas by Elmer Borlongan and Karen Flores, and mixed media works by Santiago Bose, Mark Justiniani and Noel Soler Cuizon that explore issues of identity, memory and history within the Filipino and international contexts.

The Book Of Perceptions: March 1999 A collaborative project by Truong Tran & Chung Hoang Chuong. The Book of Perceptions explores issues surrounding the hypehnated identity through the use of fragments in both the literary and visual arts. Combining the visions of two generations of Vietnamese Americans working in two different artistic mediums, the project attempts to further address the complexities of the immigrant identity, that of those at the crossing of two cultures.

On The Horizon: November - December 1998 Nguyen Trung, Tran Van Thao and Nguyen Thanh Binh, all from Ho Chi Minh City, are among the most influential painters in Vietnam today. The exhibition displays these artists' recent abstract and figurative works on canvas.

Saigon Perspectives: September - October 1998 Do Hoang Tuong and Nguyen Tan Cuong, two outstanding oil painters from Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam, exhibit abstract and figurative paintings that seek to express the soul.

New Frontiers: June - August 1998 Nguyen Van Cuong, a young Vietnamese artist from Hanoi, depicts the underbelly of society with uncompromising imagery in works on paper and murals on the gallery walls.

Above and Beyond: March - May 1998 Groundbreaking exhibition of eleven Vietnamese artists on the cutting edge working in a variety of media. The artists included; Do Hoang Tuong, Nguyen Minh Thanh, Nguyen Quang Huy, Nguyen Thanh Binh, Nguyen Tan Cuong, Vu Dan Tan, Nguyen Van Cuong, Tran Van Thao, Nguyen Trung, Eric Leroux and Truong Tan.