HANDS ON Cuba Vietnam California
Collaborative works in clay by Idilio Lopez Arnaud, Do Quoc Vi, Joel Bennett and special guest Bien Velds.






HANDS ON This exhibit and residency is the evolution of my friendship and work with both artists in their respective countries. Vietnam and Cuba have intrigued me for a long time, and I've had the good fortune to be able to travel, work, and exhibit there in recent years.

Most of the work in this exhibition was created in just two weeks time! Starting with raw materials, we mixed our own clay (with our feet!), pounded, pushed, pulled, and carved with our hands, until the desired forms were created. Surfaces were either burnished or glazed, fired in kilns or fired in the ground. Elements from our respective cultures and environments, and objects for creating rythyms and sounds were themes we chose to use.

Feel free to TOUCH, HOLD, SHAKE, & LISTEN to the pieces!

Special thanks to Pacific Bridge for facilitating this event, and to Bien Velds of Holland for her tireless assistance and creative energies!

Joel Bennett

April 2000

Idilio Lopez Arnaud

Do Quoc Vi

Joel Bennett

"Pit-firing at Dillon Beach, California"