Nguyen Tan Cuong

Man and WomanNguyen Tan Cuong mostly paints in a figurative style, although occasionally he ventures into abstraction. Cuong paints in oil on canvas. Similar to Tuong, he sometimes builds up a texture on the canvas with acrylic gesso and paper before applying paint. Cuong is a master at manipulating light, his paintings often appear to glow from within. Cuong skillfully juxtaposes fields of highly textured layers of color, which form a single object such as a fish or person, with fields of smooth soft color, which create the backdrop. In Cuong’s recent works his deft use of subtle tone and hue bring to mind stone, fallen leaves and aged wood. The pallets he utilizes to achieve this effect are mixed, in the textured areas he applies pure colors which mingle at a viewing distance, and in the backdrop areas he works rich earth tones into smooth fields reminiscent of an overcast sky.

Nguyen Tan Cuong's recent exhibition with Do Hoang Tuong, "Saigon Perspectives" took place at "Pacific Bridge Contemporary Southeast Asian Art" from September 15th - November 7th, 1998.

Click here to see "Saigon Perspectives" or see works from 1997.


..."A Man and Woman", oil on canvas,1997, 32" x 36"