Do Hoang Tuong

Man and WomanDo Hoang Tuong alternates painting in two styles; abstract and expressive figurative. He usually paints in acrylic on canvas, sometimes building up texture on the canvas with paper or crushed stone before applying paint. Tuong's abstract works offer glimpses of his internal self discovery. Painting abstractly allows Tuong to become mesmerized by the process of creating, which enables him to let his feelings dictate the direction his work takes. His recent abstract works, which were made prior to his first visit to the United States in September, clearly depict dynamic upward movement, perhaps an indication of his anticipation of the journey abroad. The subject of Tuong's figurative works often reflect his thoughts about the individual in relation to the modern city. His paintings range from pallets of bright lush colors to more subdued somber colors. Do Hoang Tuong's recent exhibition with Nguyen Tan Cuong, "Saigon Perspectives" took place at "Pacific Bridge Contemporary Southeast Asian Art" from September 15th - November 7th, 1998.

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"The Crowd" By Do Hoang Tuong, oil on canvas, 1998, 39.5" x 45.5"