Artist's notes for "High School Project for Rot Resistant Culinary Arts" installation, 1999. dimensions variable

Tisna Sanjaya's stand out piece is an installation of a toko (small local shop) selling souvenir T-shirts for "Visit Indonesia Year." Each T-shirt has a tattered touristy "sunset painting," some so badly worn one can barely distinguish the scene, cut off of its original stretchers and stitched on the front with the name of one of Indonesia's politically unstable "Hot Spots" (such as Aceh and East Timor) printed in bold gold letters underneath. The banner over the warung literally depicts the artist as "every man." Tisna is the Golkar supporter wearing a golden T-shirt waving a handful of Rupiah, presumably having just been paid for voting; and also the Golkar politician wearing his smart Golkar Batik and waving a handful of rice still on the stem as if to demonstrate how devoted he is to "the real issues of the people"; he is also the soldier; and also the group of sick and hungry farmers the soldier is attempting to keep away from the Golkar politician and supporter.