"Indonesia Lamenting" Pencil on primed canvas, 1999 57" x 56"
Isa Perkasa'a haunting drawings are both small ballpoint pen on paper works, and large pencil on canvas pieces. Made in late 1997, the small pen on paper works were Isa's prediction of what was coming as well as a comment on the events already taking place. These works speak to the issues of the rampant New Order corruption, Suharto's reckoning for his misdeeds, and political scapegoating as those with power in late 1997 were trying to place the blame for the country's problems on a few unlucky individuals who had to take the fall. The large works on canvas, made this year, speak to similar themes with the addition of issues that have arisen since Suharto's resignation including the US dollar's stranglehold on the Rupiah, and the people's quest for freedom being hampered by the continuing mind control mechanisms of the New Order regime.