Eric Le Roux


EricHow does a French born artist end up in an exhibition of Vietnamese art? Eric Le Roux is as much a staple of the Hanoi art scene as his Vietnamese contemporaries. Eric has lived in Hanoi for over seven years and is part of an unofficial group of artist/friends who regularly exhibit at "Salon Natasha", the most avant-garde gallery in Vietnam. Influences abound in Eric's work and reflect the diversity of the places he has called home, including Europe, Africa and Asia. His works utilize local materials and techniques, including watercolor on rice paper and ceramics from a village located just across the Red River from Hanoi. Works are marked by their story telling aspects and their inclusion of imagery from diverse cultures. When looking at a group of works it is quickly obvious that Eric constantly aims to explore his materials experimenting with different techniques and constantly trying something new.

.............Eric Le Roux in Hanoi.