Art Statement

One woman’s tools: her dress.

One woman’s dress: her space.

This present work is memory, codes, architecture and containers,

containers to display coded memory, figured from movies, gardening, dressing nooks.

These gowns function as ultimate carved space, the original female-designed architecture:

  • commanding volumes
  • protective nooks
  • transporting devices
  • independent of size or economics

These gowns are nooks, protecting our perimeter, from vulnerable space.

Your back

your hope

past dreams.

Components include extenders and accessories.

Trains extend the allure, with some stereotype to intent, wedding or high seduction. But they’re good to set boundaries and protect your back.

Gowns instigate play, hope, past memories or meltdowns, sticky passion.

Bon mots from the dressing room: A-line, possessing stature, rising view, swath, drink of silk, weighed breath, wake, retail portraits, portrable boudoir, glamour triggers, red carpets, transported, A-train.


1995-98 SF Open Studio, Hunters Point Artist Community, San Francisco, CA

1995 We Are Women, Genesis Gallery, San Jose, CA, Jun. - Aug.

1995 Small Works: No. California Artists, Sumner Shop, Palo Alto, CA, May

1994 Process, Irwin Galleries, California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA, Oct.

1994 Racism, Bewegung Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Jun. - Jul.

1991 Out of Line, Foothill College, Los Altos, CA, Feb.

1990 Works on Paper, The Citadel, San Jose, CA, Nov. - Dec.



1996 Landscape Series 05-08, Summit Hospital, Oakland, CA

1996 Landscape Series 01-04, Summit Hospital, Oakland, CA



1998 -99 Robert Francis Foundation Residency, Amherst, MA, Dec. - Mar.

1994 Rockefeller Foundation Grant, College Art Association Conference, New York, NY, Feb.



1994 Works in Progress, College Art Association, New York, NY, Feb.

1991 Out of Line, Foothill College, Los Altos, CA, Feb.


1999 Co-Producer, "Code 33" Performance, Teens+Education+Art+Media, Oakland, CA

1999 Project Coordinator, "Shades of North Oakland", Oakland Library, Oakland, CA

1996 Video Editor, Vicarious, Inc., Redwood City, CA

1995 Instructor/ Painting & Drawing, The Putney School Summer Program, Putney, VT

1994- 95 Tutor, "Soundworks" Digital Workshop, Pamela Z and The Lab, San Francisco, CA

1994- 95 Instructor/ Art, Community Works, San Francisco County Jail, San Bruno, CA

1993 Technician, Artists in Residence Program, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA



1994- 98 Member, Hunters Point Shipyard Artists Community, San Francisco, CA

1995- 97 Boardmember, San Francisco Digital Media Center, San Francisco, CA

1995 Juror, American Civil Liberties Union Juried Exhibition, CA

1994 - 96 Boardmember, Berkeley Arts Center Association, Berkeley, CA

1993 - 95 Steering Committee Member, City of Oakland Cultural Arts Division, Oakland, CA



1995 B.F.A., Painting, California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA

1983 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Boston University, Boston MA