In Buddhism there is said to be seven veils of illusion. As each is discarded a person is said to understand another aspect of the true nature of life and the self. To lift the veils makes one strong enough to tolerate what life is about. Also there is in Buddhism a questing action called nyubu, which means to go into the mountains in order to understand oneself and to remake one's connections to the Gods. I am not a Buddhist, but these Buddhist ideas describe well my journey in Vietnam. I am here to lift the veils in order to get strong and also to climb onto my mountains for being with the Gods. Born during the summer solstice festival in Finland, I am bound to Beauty (in olden times the customary name of a baby born at this time was "Beautiful") and to Light. Along this my 5 year long journey in Vietnam, my paintings have undergone a total change. Here they became infused with silver, which in the mythological world is the special color of the spirit world and of the moon. I wish them to have a touch of the ancient, the intuitive and the passion.

Maritta Nurmi Artist Statement